Elevate your yoga classes to another level with magical live sound 

Incorporate the beautiful vibrations of an easy-to-play RAV Vast drum into your yoga classes
& people will enjoy them even more

Special drum for yoga: dive into the ocean
of relaxing sound

RAV Vast tongue drum creates the magical atmosphere wherever you play it.
We developed the drum specially for yoga
and its sound is like a rain... soft, peaceful and smooth.

People on yoga classes all over the world enjoy the relaxing meditative part with the gentle sound of RAV and even fall asleep in pleasure when listening to the drum.

What about trying RAV on your classes?

Try RAV drum

Just put your headphones on and listen to the drum...
Would it be cool to incorporate this soothing sound into your yoga classes?

Live music of RAV is your most powerful ally on a yoga class 

Being the best instructor for your yoga classes' attendees, you will help them clear their mind, deeply relax their body and relieve stress. 

Research has shown that music can help people focus more than silence. Your students can slow down the flow of dictucting thoughts and enjoy their journey to theur true self while listeting to you playing.


Try RAV drum

How to quickly start using RAV on your yoga classes

Playing RAV drum is super easy. We mean it.

1. Choose a tuning of drum

We have special tunings for yoga and meditation practices. Choose the one you like the most or ask our qualified team. Check tunings down on this page.

3. Start playing simple patterns at classes

Usually, yoga teachers use RAV at the beginning of a class to create a sense of peace and tranquility or during the resting sessions at the end of a class.

2. Practice at home for a couple of days

We offer tones of videos and simple tutorials. You also need time to get used to your drum. Feel it and create your own first music patterns. Just start.

4. Enjoy the reactions and perfect your skills

Be flexible and change your timing or style of playing when needed. Ask your students for a feedback and listen to your own feelings to move forward in your play. 

Maybe the easiest drum on Earth

You don't need to learn playing RAV to start. The drum is very intuitive and easy to play.

There are many simple patterns to start with and a lot of tutorials that will make your learning process a fun. 

Any melody you try playing is beautiful. From the first touch.

Why to choose RAV drum for your classes

It looks attractive and aesthetic. Both the outside and the sound. People do adore listrning to it.

It's convenient to carry to outdoor practice and take it everywhere with you with a special soft case.

RAV is very durable. It's hand-crafted, made of 2 mm steel with triple quality control. To save you for decades.


Try RAV drum

Listen to the best seller tunings
for yoga & meditation

You can combine RAV with digeridoo, cajon, sansula (kalimba), singing bowls, other percussion instruments, etc.

B Celtic Minor




A Integral


Join 9000 happy RAV clients

RAV takes every person by surprise. Just read the reviews.

I am so happy to receive my Rav Vast in B Celtic! It is the easiest and most beautiful instrument I have ever played. This was so worth the money. I can’t put it down!!!

When you touch it first time, you dive into the ocean of sound. It's tone is full, rich, spreading through the body of player and listener. You can use it with other instruments, at live gigs, studio sessions, self/group meditation, it is a great tool to create a deep, magical atmosphere where you need it.

Everyone may tell about how unbelievably this instrument sounds - it is indeed magical! But one aspect that completely blew me off guard is how intuitively one can create melodies (compared to other tongue drums) on this beauty! Absolutely blissful.

What your students are looking for at your classes? Bliss.
Treat them with something special and beautiful. They deserve it. And we will help.

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