Enjoy the best alternative
to a hang drum 

Have RAV Vast drum at your hand, thrice cheaper than any typical handpan

Among all drums and handpans,
it is the only drum with a complete harmony of 4-7 notes on each tongue. 

So, you have a lot of possibilities to improvise with the drum & playing in different styles.

Try RAV drum

More than 8000 percussion musicians worldwide love RAV drum

Thanks to a patented secret, its sound is as rich and as some of the most popular and in-demand instruments, such as PANart Hang

Why to choose RAV instead of any other pan?

1. The sound is soothing and relaxing, softer than of other percussion drums.

2. RAV has a very long sustain. So, it's easier to create beautiful melody from the first touch. RAV is also 
easier to play in comparison with other ethnical instruments.

3. RAV never detunes, the tuning is stable throuthout the lifetime of an instrument.


Try RAV drum

RAV Vast is thrice cheaper
than any typical handpan

RAV Vast is from $600 or $75 per week for a couple of months with a part payment plan

Handpan is from $1000 up to $6000

Why RAV is cheaper but with superb quality?

We want hand drums to be affordable for everybody, so...

We do our best to optimize production expenses and process. So, the net costs are lower.

But you still get the high quality hand crafted drum at reasonable price. 

We carefully pick the steel for drums, check the drum at every step of production and then the drum goes through the triple quality control.

You can be sure that you will enjoy the drum with soothing sound and absolutely clear and pure notes.

RAV will perfectly accompany any of your ethnical instrument

You can combine RAV with digeridoo, cajon, sansula (kalimba), guitar, ukulele, piano, flute, singing bowls, other percussion instruments, etc.

D Celtic Minor & guitar


Pygmy & flute


Integral & kalimba


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RAV takes every person by surprise. Just read the reviews.

I am so happy to receive my Rav Vast in B Celtic! It is the easiest and most beautiful instrument I have ever played. This was so worth the money. I can’t put it down!!!

I love this instrument! I am stunned of the quality of the craft, the sound and the professionalism of RAV Drum team. If you have thoughts to invest in a drum like this or similar don't hesitate to trust RAV Drum. You can have high quality in fair price and support.

Everyone may tell about how unbelievably this instrument sounds - it is indeed magical! But one aspect that completely blew me off guard is how intuitively one can create melodies (compared to other tongue drums) on this beauty! Absolutely blissful.

What tuning will definetely fit your needs?

Join more than 9000 musicians 

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